Agenda item

Work Programme 2019/20

To review the work programme and the suggestions that have been received for inclusion.


The Chairman of the committee wished each councillor who had proposed a work proposal suggestion to speak to their own proposal. 


The following work programme suggestions were discussed:


i)              Notification of delegated planning decisions to Ward Members

A request that when Planning Officers made a decision on a planning application, they should notify the ward members and give them three working days to respond.


ii)             WSCC’s role as off-street parking consultee on planning applications


iii)           Waste and recycling efficiency

A proposal to review the efficiency of the waste and recyclable system.


iv)           Cycling Protocols


v)            Cycling Infrastructure

To establish from West Sussex County Highways how they would build good cycling infrastructures across Horsham District


vi)           Piries Place Car Park

The projected return on investment and whether it represented value for money.


vii)          Coast to Capital Energy Strategy

To consider whether HDC currently had projects or policies which supported or conformed to the Coast to Capital Energy Strategy, whether there were businesses in Horsham District which specialised in these technologies and whether there were any aspects of the strategy where HDC could feasibly take action or could generate policies in support of the strategy.  It would also look at whether there were other actions where HDC could submit bids for funding or encourage businesses to make bids.


viii)         Public Consultation Process

This would look at the effectiveness of consultation carried out by HDC.


ix)           Health Provision

This would call the Clinical Commissioning Group and GP practices to account on how they propose to reduce waiting times for appointments




a)     That the proposals on planning decisions and having County highways as a consultee regarding off street parking be finessed and submitted to Planning and Parking for further information. 


b)    That recycling efficiency be put onto the work programme and scoped ahead of the next meeting.


c)    That the two proposals on cycling be included in the work programme, and scoped ahead of the next meeting.


d)    That an update on the Piries Place car park be provided by the Director of Corporate Resources regarding the work to date and financial plans including projected income and length of investment in six months’ time.


e)    That enquiries regarding the Coast to Capital Energy Strategy be made and discussed with the relevant cabinet member.


f)     That a question be prepared for the Director of Place regarding the methodologies behind the public consultation process.  The Committee would also look at what guidance was available to local government regarding consultation.


g)    That a review of public health provision be included in the work programme.


h)    That the following other proposals from Councillors would be circulated to members of the Committee for comment:

I.              A review of engagement with local environmental groups

II.            A review of Horsham District Council’s Community and Wellbeing Initiatives

III.           A review of Horsham District Council’s planning policy for affordable housing for key workers

IV.          A review of Horsham District Council’s planning policy for rural housing

V.            A review of what Horsham District Council is doing regarding housing for the ageing population




Supporting documents: