Agenda item

Notice of Motion

To consider three Notices of Motion, submitted in accordance with Rule 4a.26 of the Council’s Constitution by:


(a)        Liz Kitchen

(b)        Mike Croker

(c)        Louise Potter


The Chairman of the Council stated that three notices of motion had been received in accordance with Rule 4a.26 of the Council’s Constitution. In order to dispose of each motion, Council agreed that the time allocated to this item be extended beyond the 30 minutes allowed in the Constitution.


The following Motion was moved by Councillor Liz Kitchen, Cabinet Member for Planning & Development, and seconded by Councillor Mike Croker:


‘I move that this Council repeats its previous decision to object to the use of the emergency runway at Gatwick as a second runway, on the grounds of more noise and pollution not only from the extra flights but added congestion on the already struggling infrastructure.


‘Until most aeroplanes are zero carbon, which is many years away, any extra flights from Gatwick would set back our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, which are already at exceptionally high levels in some areas of our District. HDC is already committed to tackling climate change.


‘Whilst acknowledging the undoubted economic benefits the existing airport brings to the area and the extra 20,000 jobs it promises, it will cause yet more strain on our already overstretched housing numbers.


‘To support the expansion of Gatwick Airport would be a contradiction to the climate change objectives of this Council.’


The Cabinet Member for Planning & Development echoed the proposer’s comment that any economic benefits had to be weighed against the resulting strain on infrastructure and the need to improve the district’s environment.


Members debated the motion with comments of support and, on being put the motion was declared CARRIED.



The following Motion was moved by Councillor Mike Croker, and seconded by Councillor Philip Circus, Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste, Recycling & Cleansing:


‘In 2018, at COP24, the UK Government signed up to having ‘domestic institutional

arrangements, public participation and engagement with local communities’ so localities can play their part in delivering the UKs ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’ in the Paris Climate Agreement.


‘In May 2021 Alok Sharma MP, President of COP26 said Collaboration would be a key objective of the climate summit: "Governments, business and civil society (sometimescalled ‘non-state actors’ and including local government) need to work together totransform the ways we power our homes and businesses, grow our food, developinfrastructure and move ourselves and goods around"


‘Despite these agreements and statements there is still no formal relationship allowing a joint partnership working between Local and National Government on climate action.


‘This Council therefore resolves to:


- add our voice in this year of COP26 to calls by the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport & others for a joint local & national government Task Force to plan action to reach ‘net zero’ emissions. Such a partnership could propose appropriate regulations, establish benchmarks and targets and propose the much needed long-term funding mechanisms to enable local communities and economies to decarbonise whilst remaining resilient and sustainable.


- write to Alok Sharma MP, President for COP26 , the Prime Minister and the Leadership Board of the LGA informing them of our support for a joint Local/National Government Climate Change Partnership Taskforce and asking for one to be established as soon as possible..’


Members debated the motion with comments of support and, on being put the motion was declared CARRIED.


The following Motion was moved by Councillor John Milne and seconded by Councillor Ruth Fletcher:


We move that this Council wishes to reconsider the latest proposals for the provision of housing for social rent under Strategic Policy 16 of the new Local Plan.


‘In its current form, the Policy does not specify any minimum requirement for social housing. This may result in low or even zero delivery on some sites.


‘Homes for social rent are the most necessary type of housing for Horsham District. They will have by far the biggest impact on affordability, which is the only way to ultimately reduce our excessive housing targets.


‘We therefore propose that of the affordable housing provided in each new development, at least 35% should be reserved for social rent.’


Councillor Tricia Youtan, Cabinet Member for Housing & Public Protection, proposed an amendment to the motion, in order to ensure that an evidence base would be provided.  She proposed that the final paragraph be replaced with:


That the Director of Place, in conjunction with the Director of Community Services and the Cabinet Members for Planning & Development and Housing & Public Protection, prepare a report to be presented to a joint PDAG, which identifies how best to deliver Affordable Housing that ensures each new development maximises Social Rented homes on new sites to achieve at least 35%.’


The amendment was seconded by Councillor Tim Lloyd.


Councillor Milne agreed to this amendment and, on being put the motion, as amended, was declared CARRIED.

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