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Recommendations from Cabinet (1)

To receive the recommendations from the meetings of Cabinet held on 23 September and 7 October and, if approved, to adopt the recommendations therein:


Horsham District Council Housing and Homeless Strategy 2021 – 2026 (report of the Cabinet Member for Housing & Public Protection online at: Agenda Item 6 )


Local Enforcement Plan and CIL Enforcement Policy (report of the Cabinet Member for Planning & Development online at:  Agenda Item 8 )


Drill Hall (report of the Cabinet Member for Leisure & Culture online at: Agenda Item 5 )


(a)        Horsham District Council Housing and Homeless Strategy 2021-2036


Councillor Tricia Youtan, Cabinet Member for Housing & Public Protection, stated that the proposed Housing and Homeless Strategy would build on the Council’s excellent record on delivering affordable homes, and support local residents in housing need in a number of ways. 


The strategy would be delivered in a phased way, setting out a clear pathway to achieving its objectives.  The first phase would be a review of the key service areas, followed by detailed action plans with measurable outcomes, and then the implementation of these proposed actions.


The Cabinet Member was asked what percentage of affordable rented homes provided in recent years had been for social rent, and she agreed to provide this information after the meeting.   


The proposal was seconded by Councillor Kate Rowbottom, who congratulated the Cabinet Member and officers on the proposal.




i)          That the Council’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2021-2026 be adopted.




i)        To ensure the Council fulfils its statutory responsibility of having a current Housing and Homelessness Strategy.


ii)       To give the Housing and Homelessness Service clear direction and objectives that will guide decision-making, projects and priorities over the next five years.




(b)       Local Enforcement Plan and CIL Enforcement Policy


Councillor Lynn Lambert, Cabinet Member for Planning & Development, outlined the reasons why the Council needed to update its Local Enforcement Plan and introduce a new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Enforcement Policy.  The motion to adopt the polices was seconded by Councillor Tim Lloyd.


The proposed Local Enforcement Plan took into account current legislation and the recent review of the Council’s Planning Compliance Service.  It set out how the Council monitors the implementation of planning permissions, investigates alleged cases of unauthorised development and takes action where appropriate.  The Cabinet Member confirmed that the Plan had been updated to reflect comments made at the Cabinet meeting on 23 September.


The CIL Enforcement Policy would publicise the penalties for non-payment of the CIL charges and help to ensure the collection of funds runs smoothly by making it clear to those liable to pay the levy the likely consequences for non-payment or late payment.  The Chief Executive confirmed that there wasn’t a large outstanding debt as the policy was being introduced when collections are about to start.




i)        That the Local Enforcement Plan be adopted.


ii)       That the CIL Enforcement Policy be adopted.




i)        Local Enforcement Plan


It is necessary to update the adopted March 2016 Local Enforcement Plan to take account of current legislation and the review of the Planning Compliance service which was undertaken by the Planning Advisory Service in 2019.


ii)       CIL Enforcement Policy


In order to publicise the penalties for non-payment of the CIL charges and to ensure that the Council does not lose out financially by non-payment and having to carry out additional tasks as a result of non-payment.


(c)        The Drill Hall


A representative of the Royal British Legion (RBL) addressed the Council on the proposal to lease the Drill Hall from the Council.  He clarified which other military organisations would also have use of the hall, in addition to the continued use by community groups.


Councillor Roger Noel, Cabinet Member for Leisure & Culture, gave a brief summary of the background to the proposal.  Cabinet had considered the future of the Drill Hall in January 2020 because of concerns regarding the building’s condition, its poor thermal performance and running costs.  


He acknowledged the strong community response that had shown a preference for a community based solution and Cabinet had agreed to ask for bids from organisations or community groups to run the building.  The Horsham Branch of RBL put forward the only viable proposal to create a home for Horsham’s various military and service organisations.  The proposal also included making the hall available for hire to the broader community, and upgrading and improving the building, including its thermal performance.  It was confirmed that the cost of renovating and improving the building would be borne but the RBL, who would leave the hall for up to 30 years at a peppercorn rent


The Cabinet Member confirmed that there had been overwhelming support for the proposal from members of his Policy Development Advisory Group.  The proposal was seconded by Councillor Tony Hogben.


Members spoke warmly in support of the proposal, which secured the long-term future of the fabric of the building and its continued use as a valued resource for the local community. It also reflected the military history of the building in this centenary year of the RBL.   


Members were supportive of the proposal.  Council Peter Burgess, the Council’s Armed Forces Champion acknowledged the hard work that the RBL had put into preparing their proposal and those who had taken it through to completion. 




i)        That the Drill Hall is leased to the Horsham Branch, Royal British Legion from 1 April 2022 for a period of up to 30 years.


ii)       To delegate authority to the Director of Place in consultation with the Head of Legal & Democratic to finalise the legal documentation and enter into a lease, subject to applicable consents, with the Horsham Branch, Royal British Legion for the Drill Hall.


iii)      To delegate authority to the Director of Place to agree and finalise a schedule of works with the Horsham Branch, Royal British Legion to improve the Drill Hall.  




The Horsham Branch, Royal British Legion (RBL) have expressed an interest in running the Drill Hall. This will have the following benefits:


i)        The Drill Hall will continue to be available for community activities and events. The RBL have also expressed an ambition to grow and develop the role of the Drill Hall for the community.


ii)       The fabric of the Drill Hall will be improved and become more energy efficient.


iii)      The Council will make an annual revenue saving.


iv)      It will provide a focal point for the Armed Forces in the District.

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