Agenda and minutes

No. Item


Confirmation of chairman


Councillor Skipp was confirmed as Chairman of the Task and Finish Group, after previously being nominated at Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 23rd September.


Apologies for absence


There were apologies for absence from Cllr Potts.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.




There were no announcements.


To agree terms of reference


The Members of the Task and Finish Group agreed the following Terms of Reference for the review:


1.    To consider and make representation to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee about reasons for and solutions to the problem of lack of access to GP surgeries in some parts of the District.  This would include questions around whether people could be accommodated in surgeries when new homes were built and questions around whether surgeries were at capacity and were there neighbouring surgeries which were not which could then take these patients.  It would also discover the regulations around where patients can be drawn from for particular surgeries.  


2.    To consider and make representation to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee about suggestions for improvement to health services for those who cannot access GP surgeries and have to access health services in other forms.


To scope the review


Members noted that there had been a review of Health Provision carried out by a working group in 2014.  It was noted that during the last review Healthcare England was written to.  The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) were also called in.


·        It was felt that the CCG needed to be invited to a meeting again regarding allocation of people to GP surgeries and problems around people seeing a doctor.  The Task and Finish Group wanted to ask the CCG what model they were using regarding whether GPs were needed or whether other health professionals were required in a particular area.

·        It was also thought that the Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing should be invited to come to a meeting of the task and finish group for a discussion of the issue

·        It was agreed that the West Sussex County Council member for health should be identified and invited to a meeting of the task and finish group

·        It was agreed to ask for statistics on demographics from Cllr Haigh including projected figures and patterns.  This was due to her background in demographic information.


There was a discussion around potentially inviting the MPs whose constituencies covered the District  - Jeremy Quinn and Nick Herbert.


There was further discussion about potentially inviting Age UK to a meeting of the group.


Healthwatch West Sussex was also considered as a potential invitee because they have people who question patients.


It was also decided to approach another member of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to be on the Task and Finish Group so that it was a slightly larger body.


To agree a programme of meetings and timescales for the review


It was agreed that the next meeting of the Task and Finish Group would be held on 19th November at 17:30.