Agenda and minutes

Venue: Wallis Room, Parkside, Chartway, Horsham

No. Item


Appointment of Chairman


Councillor Donnelly was nominated as Chairman by Councillor Lloyd and this was unanimously supported by the group.




Apologies for absence


There were apologies for absence from Councillor Haigh. 


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.




There were no announcements.


To agree terms of reference


The Members of the Task and Finish Group agreed the following Terms of Reference for the review.  To consider:

1.    The role of West Sussex County Council as a statutory consultee in discussions about off street parking particularly with reference to new builds.

2.    Whether Horsham District Council must have West Sussex as a statutory consultee regarding off street parking

3.    Whether Horsham District Council need to set up their own body to look at the issue of off street parking as County’s comments tend to centre around road safety not the number of parking spaces needed

4.    A more flexible parking matrix

5.    The size of garages in off street parking considerations

6.    Drawing up guidance regarding charging points for electric cars

7.    What was going to count as off street parking.  For example were parking bays classed as off street parking

8.    Mobility scooters and storage of these

9.    The issue of parking on pavements


To scope the review


Members agreed to call in the Monitoring Officer and the Director of Place.


The group considered the example of Arun District Council where they had produced their own supplementary planning guidance.  It was based on general guidance but they had the power to round the number of parking spaces up or down as they felt was appropriate.  It was agreed that Horsham would use Arun’s document as a baseline.


It was agreed that there would be further scoping after discussions with the Monitoring Officer and the Director of Place.  It was agreed to invite these officers to the next meeting of the task and finish group in November 2019.





To agree a programme of meetings and timescales for the review


It was agreed that there would also be the second meeting of the task and finish group before the end of November 2020.


It was anticipated that the final report for the task and finish group would be produced in February 2020.