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To receive the notes of the meeting held on 11 January 2021


The notes of the previous meeting on 11 January 2021 were received.


Climate Change - update

To receive an update from the Environmental Coordination Manager


The Environmental Coordination Manager gave an update on the programme to reduce carbon  emissions across Council activities detailing the Council’s current aspirational targets for reduction and how this will be/is being achieved including a move to low emission  fleet vehicles, staff training, carbon offsetting and a sustainable procurement policy. Next steps were presented with details going to Informal Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny Committee in the autumn.


There were questions around what more could be done by the Council to reduce carbon emissions with comments on patio heaters, electric vehicles and a discussion on  the current use of HVO fuel in refuse vehicles.


Horsham District Council - Recycling Performance

To receive a briefing from the Head of Parking & Waste and the Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager


The Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager and Head of Parking & Waste gave an update on the Council’s current kerbside recycling rates, noting that residual waste per household in Horsham District had risen in 2019-2020, while recycling rates had fallen slightly. However, HDC still performs well, ranked 59 in the country for recycling.  The variation in results is to be explored across the West Sussex Waste Partnership (WSWP).


Going forward to the 20/21 recording period the Council expects recycling rates to decline as residents continue to work from home and food waste continues make up part of the residual waste. 2021-2023 and beyond the Council is introducing Food waste, WEEE and Textile Collections as well as a Reuse campaign, which is expected to reduce residual rates and increase recycling rates.


Government consultations on DRS (Deposit Returns Scheme), EPR (End Producer Responsibility) and Consistency have been released and the Council is working with WSWP on a joint response to this as well as an individual response, which can be brought back to the PDAG before submission. Further information from government is expected in Oct/Nov time.



Food waste consultation project

To receive an update from the Head of Parking & Waste and the Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager on the food waste collection project


The Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager and Head of Parking & Waste gave an update on the current food waste consultation project. An update was given for the current Ricardo Options Modelling for waste collection with results expected end of May/beginning of June. Members briefings to be undertaken towards the end of June with an update on the options at the end of July.


There were questions regarding the different options being modelled and what this would mean in terms of vehicles, comingled, or separated recycling bins and recycling rates.



Waste improvement projects update

To receive a briefing from the Head of Parking & Waste and the Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager


The Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager and Head of Parking & Waste gave an update on the Council’s Waste Improvement projects.


The Council trial for household battery, WEEE and textile collections is due to be launched from the 25 May for at least 8 months. The trial will offer residents the ability to have batteries collected alongside their usual kerbside collections and the ability to book a collection for small electrical goods and textiles. Electrical and Textile collections will be carries out using a leased van that will be wrapped to identify it as HDC and advertise the scheme. The trial will be open for all households in the district including flats.


Communications will be key to the success of the project and methods of informing residents were presented as well as the income and costs of the programme.


There was a question around the batteries and the use of drop off points. The Council will be asking residents to save up batteries for recycling rather than place them out one or two at a time. Drop off points for textiles and batteries have been offered by charities and supermarkets for a long period of time and yet we still see these in the residual waste stream; this scheme is trying to target this issue.



Reuse initiative


An update was given in relation to the Council’s reuse initiative with a drop off point to be launched at the Park & Ride in July.  It will initially accept hard and soft furnishings but with the potential to expand the offering in the future the trial will run for 9 months. Collected items will be sold at pop up shops opened periodically with an aim to divert 49 tonnes of furniture from waste, any unsold items may be sold online or used to furnish starter homes.  A new Reuse Initiative Support Officer (RISO) will be hired to support the project.


A shipping container will be used as hub for patrons next to the household recycling site and this will not require them to book in to drop off unwanted furniture. The Council will be running a competition to decorate the container and intend to use this in communications to raise awareness of the campaign. The Council plan to work in partnership with local charities to ensure we are not competing with them for these items.  


Forward Plan Extract for the Environment, Waste and Recycling Portfolio

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