Issue - decisions

External Print Tender

26/03/2020 - External Print Tender





i)          The use of the Print Framework Agreement set up on behalf of the Council by its Shared Procurement Service be approved; and.


ii)         The use of the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) be established on behalf of the Council by its Shared Procurement Service.


Reasons for Recommendations


i)          Following a competitive tender exercise and evaluation undertaken by Crawley Borough Council as the lead authority, the providers on the framework agreement have submitted the most economically advantageous tenders in the four lots.


·         General print work – low volumes (lot 1a) – 4 suppliers

·         General print work – high volumes (lot 1b) – 4 suppliers

·         General signage (lot 2) – 3 suppliers

·         Envelopes (lot 3) – 2 suppliers


ii)         The creation and use of the DPS will invite the councils to invite quotes on the more complex printing jobs and will therefore obtain best value