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Council Tax Support Scheme - Additional Discretionary Discounts

26/03/2021 - Council Tax Support Scheme - Additional Discretionary Discounts



i)          To approve an additional discretionary discount of up to £150.00 per household for working age claimants in 2021/22.




ii)         To set up a budget for 2021/22 comprising the County Council’s share of payments and the remainder coming from a share of Horsham District Council’s Council Tax support grant and any residual hardship grant from 2020/21.


iii)        To delegate to the Director of Corporate Resources the finalisation of the exact sums involved during 2021/22 provided they do not exceed the £145,981 Horsham District Council grant and any carry forward from 2020/21.




i)        County’s offer to part fund this support will help our most vulnerable working age families in a year when their income is likely to be adversely affected.


ii)       A budget is needed to allow these transactions to take place.


iii)        The full cost of this scheme is not yet known because vulnerable customers in this group are likely to move in and out of work during the year.  This delegation will allow the Director to ensure customers get the help agreed against a varying budget level.