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Report on the Council's Corporate Plan Priorities, Finance and Performance

To a receive a report on the Council's Corporate Plan Priorities, Finance and Performance.


The Committee received the year end quarterly report on the Council’s corporate plan priorities, finance and performance in 2018/19 from the Director of Corporate Resources.  During the discussion, it was noted that the Council had a revenue surplus at the year end.  The following issues were highlighted:


·         An increase in demand for garden waste and parking disc renewals and the lead up to the elections meant the number of calls abandoned stood at 7% when the target was 5%. 


·         The percentage of in year business rate collection was slightly down as a result of changes to the value of some properties. 


·         The new finance computer system would ensure payments were made on time.


·         The Council had built the greatest number of new affordable homes provided in West Sussex.


In response to a question regarding the impact of the Homelessness Reduction Act on the number of homeless people in Horsham District and whether West Sussex County Council’s (WSCC) policy was affecting homeless numbers, it was noted that the Act had a major impact on Horsham District Council’s budget.  The small additional grant from the Government did not cover the cost of the extra work which needed to be done. 


There was a request for figures to show whether there had been increased attendances at the leisure centres and at the Capitol in the light of the expenditure on building The Bridge at Broadbridge Heath and as a result of the Year of Culture which began in January 2019.


It was noted that the Council’s reserves were healthy and this was in part due to the New Homes Bonus from the government because Horsham District was an attractive area in which to build.


It was noted that councillors needed to inform the Scrutiny Officer in advance of the meetings of questions which they wanted to ask about performance and other issues so that officers could have the information available.



a)    That further information on the historical profile regarding the provision of affordable homes in Horsham District be provided to the next meeting and


b)    That figures detailing changes to attendances at the leisure centres and at the Capitol in the light of the investment in The Bridge and the Year of Culture be provided.

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