Agenda item

Contract for replacement ANPR car park system

There will be a presentation from the Head of Parking Services to provide an update.


The Head of Parking gave a presentation about the contract for the replacement of the ANPR car park system.  The intention was to replace pay and display in Pavillions car park and replace the current ANPR system in Swan Walk, Forum and Piries Place.  One of the main advantages of introducing an ANPR system was to allow for card and contactless payments.  It also allowed day permits and season tickets.  An additional key benefit of the new system was that it removed entrance and exit queues to car parks.  It also got around the problem of lost tickets.  Operational improvements also included improved usage data, an improved auditing process and business engagement.


The system included pay stations, cameras, barriers, back office support and varied payment options.  Remote management was a key benefit of the new system as was an improved customer experience.  It was possible to see when periods of low usage occurred.  The Head of Parking Services saw it as a particular focus to get the new ANPR system into the new Piries Place Car Park for its opening date of 29 July 2019.  He felt it needed to be in place in the other multi-stories before Christmas 2019. 


To ensure we address Horsham District Council’s needs the method used with the tender process has been to state what Horsham District Council wanted to achieve and ask the supplier how they could achieve that.


The project had already gone out to tender.  It went to informal cabinet on 28th March 2019, it went to the Local Economy Policy Development Advisory Group on 9th April 2019, tenders will be received by 23rd April 2019 and evaluation will occur by 20th May 2019.  A contract will be drawn up on 23rd May 2019 and the contract will go to Cabinet on 6th June 2019.  It was noted that Cabinet wish to make a decision about the bid on 6th June 2019.  This would allow the suppliers to deliver to the 29th July deadline.  The cost will be approximately £340,000.  Six site visits have currently been completed.  


Members were keen to know whether Horsham Council had contacted the new Premier Inn which was located by the new Piries Place Car Park.  The Head of Parking Services informed Members that the Premier Inn had been contacted but had shown little interest in the new car park before they were on site.


Members also asked the Head of Parking Services whether it was possible to mix and match pre-payment for car parking with contactless payments.  The Head of Car Parking Services said that it was, for example one could pre pay for a specific time frame only, but it will all be reliant on what the offers from each tender are.


Members raised concerns over the parking at Horsham Hospital.  The Head of Parking Services confirmed that the Hospital Car Park was not one of our car parks although we managed the enforcement.  The Head of parking Services had informed Horsham Hospital about the replacement of payment equipment at its car parks but the hospital had said they wanted a system in place by March 2019.  They do not have a new system in place but are looking into getting one. 


The Chair of the Committee thanked the Head of Parking Services for his presentation.