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Post Covid-19 Town Centre Car Parks update

To receive a briefing on post Covid-19 car park usage within the town centre


The Parking Strategy Officer briefed the group on recent town centre car park usage, compared to pre-covid-19 levels of usage. There had been steady increase since lockdown and respective restrictions had been lifted. However, pre-covid levels have not yet returned across the board and there were some variances between different car parks. The average spend in multi-storey car parks had also been monitored.


Going forward, indicators for commuters returning to office working and increasing town centre activity would be monitored. There would also be reviews of current service delivery and the development of campaigns and promotions.


Parking Budget update

To receive an update on the parking services budget



The Parking Strategy Officer provided an update on the parking budgets. There had been significant reductions in parking income budgeted as part of the 21/22 budget.


The current forecast shows that the parking budget is on track to be in line with the 21/22 budget. There was still ongoing uncertainty, therefore the full impact of covid-19 restrictions lifting would be monitored in the coming months.


Parking Service update

To receive a briefing on the current parking projects and improvements


The Parking Strategy Officer updated the group on a number of projects within the department. The capital project focused on rural car park improvements. There were a number of benefits to several car parks already completed, with additional car parks planned.


There was also plans to digitalise permits, beginning with a trial involving a town centre park. Feedback from this would inform the roll out going forward.  


East Street and Park Place Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

Officers will brief the Group on proposals to assist a community-led application for a TRO to permanently extend the current traffic restrictions for the benefit of local businesses and the town centre economy


The Corporate Project Manager updated the group on plans to consult businesses located on East Street, as part of plans to implement a permanent TRO.


The temporary TRO that had been in place prevented vehicles from accessing East Street or Market Square, which has subsequently enabled an extended period of alfresco dining.


The Corporate Project Manager asked the group for their comments on the intentions to extend the TRO and begin the process to make it permenant. Overall, the group was supportive of the proposal.


The Forum and West Walk project

Officers will brief the Group on the current status of the project to provide a safer walking environment and to upgrade the link between The Forum and West Street


The Corporate Project Manager updated the group on the progress of plans to improve the Forum and Black Horse Way surface. There had previously been health and safety issues and therefore plans were developed in order to resolve these.


The option advocated included a thermos plastic paint which minimised slip on the surface. The visual aesthetic of the thermos plastic paint had been developed in order to match the current surroundings, and images of the designs were shared with the group.


Active Travel Fund (Cycling)

Officers will brief on the current status of the fund and potential future projects


The Senior Projects Engineer provided an update to the group on the LCWIP.  Funding had recently been made available by the Department for Transport under the Active Travel Fund, in order to develop new schemes.  Two schemes within Horsham would be considered for the funding and the evaluation would begin in September.


Horsham Town Markets review

Officers will brief the Group on a commission to review the current markets’ offer and develop proposals for their future over the next ten years


The Corporate Project Manager briefed the group on the Horsham Town Markets Review, which had been prompted by the current contract expiring in 2022.


The Corporate Project Manager briefed the group on the planned study into the Horsham Markets which would be led by a specialist market consultant. This included the scope of the study and a number of key stages which would be completed. There were a number of options within the study which would be considered moving forward.