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To receive the notes of the meeting held on 16 September 2020


The notes of the previous meeting were received by the Group.


17:35 - Forum Piazza/Blackhorse Way Improvement Scheme

To receive a presentation from the Head of Property & Facilities on interim design proposals to improve the Forum Piazza and links to Blackhorse Way/West Street


The Property & Facilities Trainee Surveyor proposed a range of design concepts of potential enhancements to the Forum Piazza and Black Horse Way, as part of the Public Realm Strategy. The proposed enhancements included the resurfacing of the lane between Blackhorse way and the Forum, as well as a temporary surface covering to improve grip on the Forum.


Councillors were invited to feedback their visual preferences on the design concepts, which included a number of different surfaces, colours and furniture options.


The Improvement Scheme would take 2 months to complete and was expected to take place during the summer to minimise disruption to commercial tenants.


18:05 - St. Peter's Hall

To receive an update on options to improve St. Peter’s Hall


The Head of Properties & Facilities presented a range of options for ways to approach re-opening St Peter’s Hall and making it useable for the community. The building was reported to have issues with poor energy efficiency and disabled accessibility. Proposals to improve the property would combine all the adjoining buildings and improve its accessibility and energy efficiency.


Plans to do the necessary work on Peter’s Hall could begin immediately, or alternatively the building could be let to community groups or for commercial use for the next 5 years. This would create income for the council, however covid-19 restrictions would need to be considered as they may hinder community groups being able to use the hall.


The service would await the completion of the community asset study to decide the next steps. 


18:15 - Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Strategy (LCWIP)

To receive an update on the LCWIP


Horsham’s First Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan final paper would be put to cabinet for adoption on 26 November. The Senior Projects Engineer outlined that additional content received during the consultation will be included in a Supplementary Document to sit alongside the updated LCWIP paper. Starting with the 5 key corridors, the LCWIP strategy aims to establish a cycling network and footway improvements within Horsham and it was suggested that a route or part of a route be delivered as and when funding becomes available.


18:20 - Public Realm Strategy

To receive an update on the Public Realm Strategy


The Corporate Project Manager presented an update on the Public Realm Strategy. Following responses from Members, Neighbourhood Councils and local stakeholders’ amendments will incorporated. The final draft will be put to cabinet for adoption in the new year.


18:25 - War Memorial

To consider the merits of relocating the War Memorial to the Causeway as part of the future Public Realm Strategy


The Cabinet Member consulted Councillors on their preferences on potential changes to the position of the War Memorial in the town centre. The proposal included several options to adapt the position of the war memorial, aiming to provide more space for members of the public visiting. The Group, on balance, favoured retaining the memorial in its current visible position in the Carfax.


18:40 - Drill Hall and Community Asset Study

To receive a progress update on the Drill Hall and Community Asset Study


The Corporate Project Manager presented an update on the progress of the Community Asset Study and the Drill Hall.


In response to ongoing conversations around the Drill Hall, the Cabinet agreed to carry out a Community Asset Study. The study would form part of the evidence base for the Council’s emerging local plan. 90 different premises have been included in the study so far, with the first draft expected to be available within the first week of December.


As part of the study the top 6 users had been interviewed as well current occupiers and 2 organisations who have expressed their interest in operating the Drill Hall going forward.


18:50 - Tranche 2 Cycle Schemes

To receive an update on the Tranche 2 Cycle Schemes


West Sussex County Council (WSCC) had been awarded funding for tranche 2 Cycle Schemes. HDC had sent a list of possible cycle routes within the district for WSCC to consider, including the Bishopric to Tanbridge route.


Extra Item - Major Works on Rusper Road Roundabout


The Cabinet Member informed the Group of proposed major road works as part of the installation of the new Bohunt School in North Horsham. Major works were proposed on the Rusper Road round for 15 weeks. The Cabinet member would continue to engage with North Horsham Parish Council and WSCC to express concerns around the issues this may cause for Horsham residents.


Forward Plan Extract for the Horsham Town Portfolio pdf icon PDF 212 KB


The forward plan extract was noted by the group.