Agenda and minutes

Note: Additional meeting of Waste, Recyling and Cleansing Policy Development Advisory Group. 

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To approve the notes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To approve as correct the notes of the meeting held on 29 September 2016.


The group approved the notes of the meeting of 29 September 2016.


Waste and Recycling Collection Review

Forward Plan item scheduled for Cabinet 24 November 2016.


The Chairman of the group explained that the Council had commissioned Ricardo Energy & Environment Consultants to undertake a full review of the waste collection service. Their task was to assess the current provision and advise on the way forward suggesting how a high-quality service could be maintained and how financial efficiencies could be generated with a particular focus on increasing recycling rates. Ricardo worked with Members in a series of seminars to develop with them an agreed vision for the Waste & Recycling Service and recommended that the Alternate Weekly Collection of waste, similar to schemes operated successfully in Chichester and Mid Sussex District areas and in over 75% of other local authorities, should be the service model proposed to Cabinet for the district.


The Chairman surmised the participation that the group had already had in the preparation of the decision and asked Members for final views before Cabinet would make the decision on 24 November 2016.


Members discussed:


·         The exceptions policy

·         That there still would be a weekly visit to each household to collect either recycling or residual waste

·         Whether there was a requirement to consult with residents

·         Approaches at other councils in Sussex and further afield

·         The European Commissions’ Waste Framework Directive

·         The need for more advice and guidance for residents, especially on plastics, and whether that could be moved forward in the timetable

·         That the in-house approach to service delivery at Horsham offered flexibility rather than the standardisation offered by private sector contractors


In response, Officers clarified that there was no requirement to consult with residents but that the group had stressed the importance of properly resourcing the communications strategy, preparation and transition work to ensure disruption to residents was minimised. Members would hear more about the education and advice ‘door stepping’ work at the next meeting of the group.


The general support of the group was received by the Chairman for the proposal to move to AWC and to procure REL vehicles.


Green Waste Charges 2017/18


The Chairman explained that the continuing pressures on the Council’s budget and the on-going challenge this presented to future service delivery, in particular discretionary services, it was necessary that where possible services would generate sufficient revenue to cover their cost of delivery. The purpose of this report is to recommend a small increase in the Green Waste subscription charge made for the Garden Waste collection service. The first bin collection was recommended to change to £39.50 per annum (if paid via the contact centre or post) or discounted to £37 per annum (if paid by on-line payment/Direct Debit) and the fee for additional green waste wheelie bin collections is increased from £20 to £25 per additional bin.


Officers explained that the customer base had remained stable in recent years but that seasonal changes had led to an increase in the tonnage collected, which was likely to continue. The fees charged by HDC would continue to be amongst the lowest in West Sussex.


The group supported the proposals as set out.