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To approve the notes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To approve as correct the notes of the meeting held on 18 April 2017.


The group approved the notes of the meeting of 18 April 2017.


Fleet Procurement update


The group noted that the waste fleet procurement programme was running to schedule.


New Commercial Service - Skip Hire Business


The Head of Waste, Recycling, Street Scene & Fleet Services asked for members’ advice on whether the council should consider the exploration of a new skip hire commercial service. Members heard that the bulky bag service that had been introduced had proven profitable and that customer demand indicated that a skip hire service would also be profitable. Whilst the council had operated a service in the past, it had not been exploited as a commercial opportunity. Initial research showed that a good profit could be made from a low set-up cost. One vehicle would be purchased.


In response to Members questions, officers explained that waste collected would be recycled, and that the service would cover both residential and commercial waste. Members urged that the business plan for the service mitigated the challenges faced by the council when it last provided the service and that advertising opportunities be fully exploited, including social media and online advertising.


A full business case would be made to Cabinet in September 2017.   


Isolated Properties Review Phase 2


The Head of Waste, Recycling, Street Scene & Fleet Services explained that Cabinet had previously approved the implementation of Phase 1 at its meeting in July 2016. Phase 1 primarily focused on properties with unmade tracks and electrical gated access arrangements. This phase was implemented over the summer and was generally well received. The second phase proposed an additional 200 properties across the district. This would enable further efficiencies to be made to the service and remove driving risks by re-designating collection points at the public highway. Those properties would be serviced by either 15/16 tonne or 26 tonne refuse vehicles.


Where appropriate, Ward Councillors had been informed of the number of properties in their Ward that were likely to be affected by these proposals. Letters would be issued to each of the affected properties informing them of the changes and allowing owner/occupiers a reasonable time (28 days) to discuss the proposed changes.


It was proposed that further phases would be implemented over the next 3 years, with around 1,200 properties being subject to future phases as identified during the initial phase of the recent collection round route optimisation review. The total efficiency savings for 1,200 properties would be approximately £190k over an estimated 3 year period.


Members were reminded that an exceptions policy existed for those residents that needed it, and that the Cabinet report would seek to delegate the remaining phases to the Director of Community Services in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling to implement.