Agenda and minutes

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To approve the notes of the last meeting

To approve the notes of the meeting of the group held on 13 September 2016 (to follow).


The group approved the notes of the meeting held on 29 September 2016.


Waste and Recycling Collection Review

Forward Plan Key Decision scheduled for Cabinet on 24 November 2016.


At the invitation of the Chairman, the Director of Community Services presented to the group. The group heard that, in addition to the two policy development advisory group meetings already held, three all-member seminars had also been held and that there had been broad member support for the vision and principles underpinning the delivery of the waste service going forward. Long-list options had been considered and a detailed short-list including financial and viability modelling had been prepared. 


The presentation outlined:


·         The option that offered significant savings and an improved rate of recycling

·         Implementation, including a phased roll-out, in Spring 2018

·         Operational matters, including optimisation of rounds and vehicles

·         An exceptions policy and criteria

·         Procurement considerations, including fleet.


The group discussed:


·         The comparative national picture of councils’ approach to waste and recycling

·         Behaviour change, including ongoing engagement with service users

·         Simplification of recycling messages in areas of high contamination

·         Human resource implications


The policy development advisory group would meet again prior to cabinet considering the matter, and making a decision on 24 November 2016.