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To receive the notes of the meeting held on 29 June 2020


The notes of the meeting held on 29 June were received.


Carbon Reduction Target and Action Plan

The Group will receive two presentations on the Council’s action plan for organisational carbon reduction:


-    Summary of the consultant’s report (presented by Anthesis)

-    Summary of the report to Cabinet, including recommendations for a carbon neutral target (presented by the Environmental Coordination Manager)


The Cabinet Member welcomed Freddie Cooper and Matt Rooney from Anthesis, who gave a presentation on the report produced by the consultants on Carbon Reduction Target Setting and Action Plan Support. This is being used to inform the Council on setting a carbon neutral target and an associated action plan which would be presented at the Cabinet meeting on 24 September. 


The plan set out to identify key emission targets relating to HDC’s properties and activities, and key actions required to reach those targets, including indicative costs. The action plan focussed on Transport, Property, Procurement and Parks & Countryside. 


The Environmental Coordination Manager gave a summary of the Cabinet report and the recommendations for setting carbon neutral targets. The report broadly reflected the Anthesis recommendations and set two targets; to aspire to a 2030 target for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions; and a 2050 target for Scope 3 emissions.  The Cabinet report also recommended a short-term action plan.  Once formally agreed, there would be an awareness campaign.


Aspects of the short-term action plan included: energy audit of HDC properties to identify energy saving solutions; route optimisation of refuse vehicles; trial of electric refuse vehicles; and a gradual replacement of aging vehicles with electric vehicles.


The Environmental Coordination Manager confirmed that the ongoing strategy would be reviewed annually as part of budget considerations.  The Cabinet Member advised that this review would allow the scope of the action plan to be developed as an ongoing process.


The Cabinet Member considered the proposed targets to be a positive response to the Council’s recognition of the climate emergency in 2019, and showed ambition and commitment at a time of financial challenge and uncertainty. 


Wheeled bins update

To receive an update from the Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager on the Council’s approach to wheeled bin provision


The Recycling & Waste Strategy Manager gave a presentation on the Council’s strategy for repairing and replacing wheeled bins.  In line with local and national legislation, wheelie bins were the property and responsibility of residents. However, at present a large majority were replaced free of charge with  only 10% proven to be damaged by HDC staff.


Before introducing a more rigorous charging strategy, current policy was being rewritten to make it clearer that residents are responsible for their own bins, and required to pay for replacements unless damaged by the crew.  In-cab technology made it possible to determine if this were the case.    


There would be a communications campaign to inform residents and encourage them to look after their bins, including ordering spare parts (lids, hinges and wheels) for a modest cost. The Head of Waste and Recycling agreed to look into the possibility of using stickers as part of this campaign.


The Cabinet Member emphasised that this was not a change in policy, but a clarification to facilitate a more robust approach to replacing damaged bins.  A briefing would be sent to all Members before the new strategy was introduced.


Forward Plan Extract for the Environment, Waste and Recycling Portfolio pdf icon PDF 215 KB

To note the Forward Plan extract for the Environment, Recycling and Waste Portfolio


The Forward Plan extract was noted.