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To receive the notes of the meeting held on 22nd October 2018.


The notes of the meeting held 22nd October 2018 were received.


Fly Tipping - Presentation


The Head of Waste, Street Scene and Fleet showed a short video of the Cabinet Member highlighting the impact of fly tipping in the District and the duty of care to ensure that waste carriers hold a licence.


Members noted the statistics on fly tipping which highlighted a growth in the area and that the type and scale of fly tipping had changed, the Members also noted the clearance cost growth.


There was now a dedicated enforcement officer in place to help tackle this problem and positive action was being taken to catch people in the act of fly tipping. A trial had been launched placing three small cameras at known fly tipping hotspots in the hope to secure prosecutions. If the cameras proved to be successful, further cameras would be purchased at a minimal cost to the Council. Signage to advise that the site was being monitored, would be erected.


The Group suggested that the exercise and video be repeated and publicised widely, i.e. on social media and shared with the parish councils.  


The Group discussed the partial closure of Hop Oast site for certain days of the week and whether there was a correlation between the times and dates fly tipping occurred, Members agreed that by reinstating a seven day week opening would not only hopefully reduce fly tipping but help with household waste and recycling in the District with its increasing population.


Recycling Contamination - Presentation


The Members noted that this item would be moved to the next meeting of the Advisory Group.


Technologies in Waste - Presentation


The Senior Systems Administrator presented some of the new technologies in waste being developed for service efficiency and income generation.


Ways to monitor and report full dog and litter bins would in future be carried out using a QR code which the members of the public could scan using their phones and report directly on the Council’s website.


BARTEC would be operational on trade waste collection vehicles.


Radio Tags for Trade Refuse Bins would be installed, readers would be installed in the refuse trucks and would link in to the finance system using BARTEC and automatically generate invoices.


Weighing software would also be introduced.


The Group discussed and welcomed the new systems.


Members reiterated the need for better publicity with the position of refuse and recycling bins for collection with the new rear end loaders. Many residents were still facing the handles in the wrong direction.



Food Waste - Presentation


The Advisory Group received a presentation on the global issue of food waste.


Members noted that 34% of household waste in Horsham District was food waste.


Work was being carried out on a national scale to prevent this problem.


The Council was waiting for the Government’s National Resources and Waste Strategy which was aiming to achieve zero avoidable waste by 2050. The Group noted that by 2023 Horsham was required to have a biowaste collection in place.


West Sussex would be participating in a food waste collection trial and model based on a three weekly household waste collections and a food waste collection.


Members noted the presentation and were shocked at the scale of food waste it was agreed that better education to encourage the consumer not to buy the food in the first place, was the key.  


Forward Plan Extract for the Waste, Recycling and Cleansing Portfolio pdf icon PDF 105 KB

To note the Forward Plan extract (if any) for the Waste, Recycling and Cleansing Portfolio


The Group noted the Forward Plan extract.