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To approve as correct the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 28 April and of the Annual Council Meeting held on 26 May 2021

(Note: If any Member wishes to propose an amendment to the minutes they should submit this in writing to at least 24 hours before the meeting.  Where applicable, the audio recording of the meeting will be checked to ensure the accuracy of the proposed amendment.)

Additional documents:


The minutes of the meetings of the Council held on 28 April and 26 May 2021 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Declarations of Members' Interests

To receive any declarations of interest from Members


There were no declarations of interest.



To receive any announcements from the Chairman of the Council, the Leader, Members of the Cabinet or the Chief Executive


Councillor Claire Vickers, Cabinet Member for Community & Wellbeing, announced that the Wellbeing Hub in The Forum had opened on Saturday.  She spoke of the importance of this initiative, given the impact of lockdown on people’s health, and urged Members to visit the centre. 


Councillor Philip Circus, Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste, Recycling & Cleansing, advised that two briefings on the introduction of food waste collections had been arranged for Members and he urged as many as possible to attend.


The Chief Executive commented on the Notice of Motion put forward by Councillor Croker (agenda item 11).  He stated that, while debating this motion, Members needed to be aware of the consequences should they vote to delay the Local Plan timetable for a year.  To do so would be premature, given that the evidence base informing the draft Local Plan would be debated at Cabinet and Council meetings in July.  He stated that legal opinion confirmed that delaying the Local Plan because of the pandemic was not a valid reason.  He gave a number of reasons why delaying it would be damaging to the district and reduce the amount of control the Council has over future development.


Questions from the Public

To receive questions from the public under Rules 4a.2(f) and 4a.8-18



No questions relevant to the business of the meeting had been received.


Neighbourhood Development Plans pdf icon PDF 390 KB

To receive the report of the Cabinet Member for Planning & Development

Additional documents:


Councillor Lynn Lambert, Cabinet Member for Planning & Development, introduced the recommendation that, following successful referendum results, 10 Neighbourhood Plans be formally made by Council. These comprised Ashington, Billingshurst, Bramber, Henfield, Rudgwick, Rusper, Shipley, Southwater, Upper Beeding and West Grinstead.  


Each plan had involved extensive consultation and been robustly examined by an independent examiner.  Once made, the plans would have statutory status and be used alongside other local planning policies when determining future planning applications.  The Director of Place confirmed that once the Local Plan was in place, it would not take away from the good work done in producing Neighbourhood Plans. 


The Cabinet Member acknowledged the commitment of Parish Councils and members of the communities in completing this work and congratulated all those who had contributed to the processes.  The proposal was seconded by Councillor Tim Lloyd.




i)        To formally “make” the following Neighbourhood Plans for as part of the statutory Development Plan for Horsham District and apply these for the purpose of determining planning applications within the respective parish areas following the Referendums that took place on 6 May 2021:


1.       Ashington Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031;

2.       The Billingshurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031;

3.       Bramber Neighbourhood Plan 2018 to 2031;

4.       Henfield Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2031;

5.       Rudgwick Neighbourhood Development Plan for the period to 2031;

6.       Rusper Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031;

7.       Shipley Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2031;

8.       Southwater Neighbourhood Development Plan (2019-2031);

9.       Upper Beeding Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031

10.     2019 -2031West Grinstead Parish Development Plan.




To meet the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended), the Localism Act 2011 and the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).


Recommendations from Committees (Part A) pdf icon PDF 241 KB

To receive the recommendation of the Licensing Committee held on 15 June 2021:


The Mobile Homes (Requirement for Manager of Site to be Fit and Proper Person) (England) Regulations 2020: introduction of the test and amendment to the Fees Policy (report of the Head of Environmental Health & Licensing available on-line at:  Agenda item 8 )


The Mobile Homes (Requirement for Manager of Site to be Fit and Proper Person) (England) Regulations 2020: introduction of the test and amendment to the Fees Policy


Councillor Jim Sanson, Chairman of Licensing Committee, introduced the report regarding a new test that was being introduced to regulate site owners of residential caravan sites to ensure sites were managed by a fit and proper person.  The report to Licensing Committee had approved a Mobile Homes Act Fees Policy, which established a fees policy and a process for receiving applications and making and issuing decisions. 


The Chairman of Licensing recommended that Council approve £3,000 of fee income and £3,000 of additional officer costs in the 2021/22 budget to facilitate the new process.




That £3,000 of fee income and £3,000 of additional officer costs in the 2021/22 budget be approved.




i)        To ensure compliance with legislative requirements;


ii)       To ensure transparency and openness in decision making;


iii)      To ensure that the budget is approved in line with the constitution.


Alterations to Cabinet Portfolios pdf icon PDF 290 KB

Council is asked to note changes to the Cabinet Portfolios and to change the Constitution as necessary


Details of the alterations to the Cabinet Portfolios, announced at the Annual Council Meeting in May, were noted. 


Councillor Claire Vickers, Cabinet Member for Community Matters & Wellbeing, asked for clarification as to which portfolio holder was responsible for emergency planning and business continuity, as it appeared under the Housing & Public Protection portfolio as well.   The Monitoring Officer would confirm this after the meeting.


Reports of representatives

To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies


There were none to report.


To note changes to memberships of Policy Development Advisory Groups

Community & Wellbeing:         Jack Saheid in place of Jim Sanson             

Housing & Public Protection:   Jack Saheid in place of Jim Sanson  
Tony Bevis in place of Colin Minto
Godfrey Newman in place of Louise Potter


The changes were noted.


Notice of Motion

To consider the following Notice of Motion, submitted by Councillor Mike Croker in accordance with Rule 4a.26 of the Council’s Constitution:


‘Due to the likely impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on many of the assumptions made in its production, this Council agrees to a moratorium (for a minimum of one year) on the recently revised Local Plan production timetable in order to ensure the plan's soundness going forward.’


The following Motion was moved by Councillor Mike Croker and seconded by Councillor Bob Platt:


‘Due to the likely impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on many of the assumptions made in its production, this Council agrees to a moratorium (for a minimum of one year) on the recently revised Local Plan production timetable in order to ensure the plan's soundness going forward.’


Members debated the proposal.  Whilst there was a degree of sympathy for the motion, there was almost unanimous agreement that it was essential that the Council deliver a Local Plan within the proposed timeframe.  Therefore, on being put, the motion was declared LOST.


Members' Questions on Notice

To receive questions from Members under Rules 4a.20(b)-25


Councillor Billy Greening asked Councillor Claire Vickers, Cabinet Member for Community & Wellbeing, the following question:


‘The whole country is facing a mental health crisis, no more is this evident than amongst young people. 80% of young people feel that the Coronavirus pandemic had made their mental health worse.  This was often related to increased feelings of anxiety, isolation, a loss of coping mechanisms or a loss of motivation. I too have been one of these people. 


Research published by the British Medical Journal found that women, young adults, socially disadvantaged people, and people with pre-existing mental health problems reported the worst mental health outcomes during the pandemic. And, tragically, we have seen the impacts of Mental Health problems throughout our district in recent months.


What more can HDC do to work with youth services, schools, WSCC and others to ensure that young people throughout the Horsham District are able to get the help that their mental and emotional health needs?


Would the Council consider setting up a youth body that engaged more proactively with young people, to ensure their voices are heard and that they are considered and listened to with decisions that this Council makes.’


The Cabinet Member replied:


The events in recent weeks have tragically highlighted how young people have suffered during the Coronavirus pandemic.  There are a range of services available for people of all ages to access immediate support, with more details available on the Council’s website.  However, we need our young people to know it really is okay not to be okay.  And we need to make sure advice and support is there when they need it.  This includes resources for those worried about a friend or relative. 


HDC is not the expert in this field, nor do we lead on this agenda.  However we do have a number of initiatives to engage with young people including the Youth Engagement Bus, and Local Youth Officers.  But there will always be more that can be done.  We are keen to explore with our partners that lead on Mental Health Service provision, and those partners in the Education Sector, to see how we can all work together to prevent the deaths of young residents who may feel they have no other options available to them. 


As the newly appointed Cabinet Member for Community & Wellbeing, I will make the commitment now for our teams to talk to young residents of our district and see how we can work more closely together.  Whether this is a youth body or similar, it is important that it’s shaped by young residents themselves, one which can be sure Council services meet the needs of our young people, gives an appropriate platform for those residents to be able to raise their concerns, consider ideas for improvement and help shape services.  Councillor Greening, you have my absolute commitment that young people’s mental health is a priority for me and I will ask this to go on my next PDAG  ...  view the full minutes text for item CO/23


Urgent Business

To consider matters certified by the Chairman as urgent


There was no urgent business.

To consider two items containing exempt or confidential information


That, under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public be excluded from the meeting for the following two items of business, on the grounds that they involved the likely disclosure of exempt information, as defined in Part I of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972, by virtue of paragraph 5 (information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings) and paragraph 2 (information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual) and in all the circumstances of the case the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.


Recommendations from Committees (Part B) pdf icon PDF 233 KB

Exempt by virtue of Paragraph 5 of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 – Information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings


To receive the recommendation of the Governance Committee held on 14 June:


Setting of Fees, Charges, Consessions and Prices (exempt report of the Director of Corporate Resources attached)

Additional documents:


Setting of Fees, Charges, Concessions and Prices


Councillor Christian Mitchell, Chairman of Governance Committee, outlined the reasons for the recommendation regarding the setting of fees, charges, concessions and prices within the Constitution, in particular with regard to those that could be delegated to Cabinet Members rather than being taken by Full Council.




To amend the wording of part 3.4.4 d) of the Constitution to:


any power to change fees, charges or concession policies with the exception of pricing in The Capitol, museum or seasonal offers for paid for waste services which will be delegated to the Cabinet Member as appropriate’.


Grant Decisions Arising from the Covid-19 Emergency

Exempt by virtue of Paragraph 2 of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972 – Information which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual


To receive the report of the Chief Executive


The Chief Executive introduced the report, which sought approval of a budget decision related to facilitating projects supported by Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) funding.  These projects would help the economic recovery of the district’s towns and villages after lockdown. 


The emergency powers granted to the Chief Executive in March 2021 allowed this report to be brought direct to Council, and not via Cabinet, to gain an early decision so that government grants provided because of the Covid-19 emergency could be put to good use (Minute No CO/59 (21//03/21) refers).